A Few Things To Consider

Tips for hiring a professional dj

There are plenty of “advice” givers and many Websites with their version of Hiring Practices when it comes to your DJ. I have been in business for over 20 years DJing events like: Middle school dances, corporate events, fund raisers, Mitzvahs,
birthdays and of course Weddings. As a professional DJ my clients always come first, here are some must haves when planning your special day.

1. You should ALWAYS have a signed contract with your DJ as well as with all your vendors. A contract is there to protect you and the vendor in the event that something goes wrong. Professional DJ’s will have contracts for all types of events that will include: your Name, venue location, start and ending time, overtime charges, Deposit info, all charges and approximate setup time. Along with any special terms for the event, i.e. Power requirements, table placement etc…

2. A Professional DJ will meet with you in advance to help plan your event and discuss your preferences, give feedback and assist you in planning to make your event special, and your own, not just like every other event.

3. The sound system – A Professional DJ will NOT use cheap or home style equipment at your event. All of Music By Vince’s equipment is Professional grade we use mostly Mackie and Shure products for sound and Chauvet lighting fixtures.

4. You are the most important person at your Wedding, Mitzvah, Birthday or whatever it is that you’re hiring a DJ for, Not the Entertainer/DJ, and you are always in charge of the flow. A professional DJ is flexible to your needs and the needs of your event, sometimes the perfect lighting for a picture comes up and the photographer and you want to capture it, Sometimes you’re not ready to do the next item listed. With Music BY Vince as your professional there’s never a change we can’t follow through or adjust to within a moment’s notice.

Your Wedding guests will not remember the Beautiful flower arrangement, names of the different dinner choices or the fact that your wedding started 10 minutes late. They will however remember the music and the flow of your wedding reception for years, they will remember that they danced, laughed and enjoyed the “party” they had during the most important day of your life. A professional DJ like Music By Vince will make sure that not only your guest, but that you will remember what a great time you had at your event: be that a birthday, Mitzvah, family reunion, corporate event and yes especially your Wedding day.

5. What’s the cost? How much should you spend on your DJ? Remembering everything I just spoke about how much is your piece of mind worth? These are very important questions to ask yourself first. They say you get what you pay for, however, I have seen DJ companies charge upwards of $2500.00 for a 5 hour wedding reception and bring no more to the event than someone who charges $1000.00 for the same amount of time, I have seen DJ companies charge extra money simply because you choose to have your event at an expensive location. I have also seen DJ’s charge $300.00 and bring their home system to your beautiful event. 

Music By Vince has worked very hard to keep prices fair and competitive with other professional DJ companies with the exception that we do not change our price based on your event location or our assumption that “you can afford it”. 
I look forward to being your professional entertainer for whatever event you have coming up, making it the best experience for you and your guest.

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